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Premiere: Crankdat & Havok Roth (feat. Titus) – Stoopid Rich (Prismo Remix)

Prismo is back and this time around he has taken a total Trap tinged twist on Crankdat & Havok Roth’s Stoopid Rich banger that is drowning in low end madness and is set to light your sub woofers on fire. Out now on BrednButter Records, founded by Far East Movement & Trap City, it is interesting to see a progressive fluctuation in Prismo’s sound from extremely heavy bass driven bangers like this to sonic experiences that really brings out the feels in you. As an artist it can be tough embracing creativity and a forward moving sound when embracing creativity means such a drastic crossover in genre but Kudos to Primo for straying from the path and truly letting his creativity shine. Earlier this week I had a chance to pick his brain about the remix itself and the future of the Prismo sound. See what he had to say below.


Your last release was quite different than this remix, what can your fans expect from your originals here on out?

Expect diversity. I’m gonna be making a variety of music. It just depends where my creativity takes me! Look out for everything from heavy Prismo bass to softer melodic vibes.

Describe this remix in only 5 words.

exotic rave turn up anthem

What do you see in the future for the Prismo sound and performance?

As I said earlier, the Prismo sound will be diverse. I want my music to move people (especially during performances) so I plan on implementing a live set in the near future. I would DJ, sing, and play keyboard for some songs. My set list would include my bass music along with my softer songs and a lot of live edits. I’ve been experimenting with this set up, and I think it’s gonna make my future performances even more energetic and interesting.

A little birdy tells me you have an EP in the works. What can we expect to hear from that EP and when?

Yes I have a lot of unreleased music including an EP. The EP includes several heavier tracks, and I’m hoping to release them sometime in early Fall!

Anything you’d like to share with Trapstyle’s readers before you go?

Shoutout to the Prismob for supporting my music and pushing me to express myself in new creative ways. And shoutout to Trapstyle for the interview! Expect a lot of new Prismo originals and remixes this summer!

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