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Fabrikate Takes On Contemporary Art In New Video

Fabrikate recently published a music video for one of their most recent singles, Atari, and we can’t get enough. The tantalizing take on post modern/contemporary art accompanies the throwback retro beats perfectly. This music video tells the story of an art exhibit janitor who deeply wishes to be a part of the art community. At the beginning of the video, a young artist unveils his abstract creation to the public, and the janitor seems to be more than interested with the piece. As the video progresses, the janitor still can’t get the unforgettable work of art out of his mind, so he decides to go back to work late at night to take a closer look. His intrigue ends up literally sucking him into the art, and what happens next can only be described by watching the music video. This video could be interpreted in so many different ways, but one thing that stood out was how the janitor was sucked in by the art piece, and later became a work of art himself. Artists pour themselves into their work, so it isn’t uncommon to see someone get swallowed up by their creation. Maybe that’s just an occupational hazard that comes with the job? Regardless, Atari’s music video is aesthetically pleasing to say the least. Make sure you check it out and keep up with Fabrikate’s music for more groovy beats and awesome videos.

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