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Excision, Keys N Krates Threw Fire at Audio On The Bay ’16

Seriously, Excision threw so much fire the fire alarm actually went off during his set.

Memorial Day Weekend went off with a bang at Audio on the Bay. This year, the stage production was bigger, the bass was louder and the vibes were better than ever before. This years lineup hosted every type of bass music you could have wanted and much, much more.

audio on the bay 2016

While still remaining one of Insomniac’s smaller festivals, it lives up to the hype of any other massive. I have to say, the stand out stars of the show for me were Keys N Krates. There’s something about combining live instruments with the electronic music we all know and love that just gets me every time. Alongside were artists like Ephwurd and Slander who’s entire sets flowed effortlessly.

The set up of the venue was super easy to maneuver to get to food, water and drinks. A unique ticket system for drinks and snacks simplified it even further.

audio on the bay 2016

This year the event hosted thousands of attendees while still leaving plenty of space on the dance floor, even during Sunday’s sold out show. As a hooper I appreciated that there was space in the venue to flow out. Between hoopers, poi spinners and shufflers, the back of the crowd turned into quite the talent pit.

With good vibes being thrown left and right, if you missed out on Audio on the Bay this year, you messed up! I’ll be seeing you all there next year.