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KPFA Summer Crafts Fair

The KPFA Summer Crafts Fair brings a gathering of over 180 jury selected artists to the historic Craneway Pavilion, all of whom will be present to display and sell their hand-made, one-of-a-kind, and limited edition goods in a wide variety of media. This, the Bay Area’s largest summer crafts fair, boasts a remarkable array of gift options for celebrations of all kinds, and for people of all ages. The Fair showcases emerging talents in contemporary art and craft who exhibit innovative, unique designs and celebrates craftspeople as they combine new and traditional techniques with modern design aesthetics to produce appealingly fresh and innovative work.

Fair producer, Jan Etre says, “I’m elated that the Fair has found its home at the historic Craneway Pavilion and really excited to announce that it is now free for all attendees! This is a “THANK YOU” to all listeners whose generous donations made the KPFA Winter Fund Drive such a success. Free parking, free shuttle to and from Richmond BART…and now free admittance too!”  In partnering with her favorite media outlet, KPFA Radio, Etre champions two of the greatest inspirations in her life: art and community radio.  In great demand for her expertise at mounting art fairs, Jan Etre’s events are favorites for artists and collectors alike. Although she’s been approached to produce other fairs, Jan has chosen to focus her efforts on the semi-annual KPFA Crafts Fair, now held on the summer solstice and the winter solstice, respectively.

The KPFA Summer Crafts Fair attracts visitors with a bounty of decorative and functional crafts along with gallery-quality artwork. The jury-selected artists and craftspeople are on hand to showcase their own creations including collectible art, sophisticated ceramics, luminous glass, innovative furniture, practical housewares, as well as evocative photography, printmaking, contemporary paper, affordable and handcrafted fashion jewelry and accessories, couture adult and kids’ clothing, and handmade quilts and baskets.

Visitors will have ample opportunity to shop for all those special occasions of summer: Father’s Day, high school and college graduations, bridal and baby showers, anniversaries, and birthdays. Etre says, “We wanted to hold our summer fair at a really rich time, when there are so many reasons to celebrate family and personal milestones.”

Etre explains, “The Craneway is the perfect place to hold the KPFA Fairs and we’re thrilled to be aligned with such a beautiful, culturally and historically significant venue. It’s such a convenient location, easily accessible for Marin folks and people in the East Bay. In addition to free admission and free parking, we’ll be offering a free shuttle from the Richmond BART Station. Based on experience and feedback, both artists and attendees love being in the huge glass building on the water with incredible views of San Francisco.”

Introducing Quilts & Quilters exhibit within the fair where four exceptional quilters will showcase their one-of-a-kind quilts along the entire length of the north wall of the Craneway, approximately 200 linear feet.  Attendees will be able to ask the quilters questions about their work and their quilting process, which challenges the concepts that people often associate with quilting.  Quilters will share their inspirations and personal stories behind the quilt designs.

KPFA Radio has a reputation for embracing diversity and supporting local communities through its programming. Similar principles of discernment apply in the selection process of exhibitors for the KPFA Summer Arts Fair. The KPFA fairs prioritize uniqueness of style, a high level of artisanship, work created in studio, and modern design aesthetics, also trying to represent as much variety as possible.

Etre has long been an advocate of artists and craftspeople and explains, “Buying from an artist creates a personal connection. It’s rich knowing the artist, unlike when you buy something from a store and you may not even know what country it’s from, much less any of the many hands that touched it while it was being made. We are trained in this country to buy mass-produced stuff at the lowest prices. At the Fair we will highlight the vast difference between something’s price point and the enjoyment of valuing, appreciating, and supporting art and artists.”