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EDC 2016 Changed my life forever

Electric Daisy Carnival had a certain je ne sais quoi, I had been there before but this time was different. There was an unique air that everyone carried. Everywhere I looked there were new art installations, stages, and interactive characters that would be happy to tell you a story. The weather was perfect, and the music was utterly blissful. Upon entering the circuit grounds I encountered a massive pit of orbiters. These people swung around balls of light in perfect geometrical shapes. I had never seen this many light performers at EDC before, and Kaskade set the perfect vibe for people dancing into the moonlight.

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My experience on day one was a mellow one, I walked around and soaked it all in. My night ended with Flux Pavilion at the Cosmic Meadow, he played an eclectic blend of music, songs, and styles I had never heard before. It was honestly hard to believe it was Flux Pavillion, his style sure has evolved since “Gold Dust”, and “I Can’t Stop”.

As I stepped onto the Motor Speedway I looked up at the Electric Sky and wondered what it had in store for me, I knew it was going to be special. But I never would have imagined what was about to happen. Since I am a bass head at heart,  I spent a lot of my time exploring each stage and meeting people until my favorite artist came on, Andy C. It was 2:30AM, and the “dutty Jungle Music” had finally arrived.

10 minutes into Andy C’s set I met someone who was kind enough to show me how to use poi. I had so many questions and was so enthralled by their flow that he actually gave his poi to me. My night had just gotten ten times better, when I suddenly felt something warm next to me. I looked up and noticed the flame thrower at the basspod had begun to malfunction. Immediately I along with the majority of the people ran backstage, as I headed toward the gates I ran into my old friend who is now the head of Bassrush. He said the stage is now closed, as I continued to walk away I ran into another old DJ friend of mine who was there on artist privileges, he too had just left The Basspod.

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We proceeded to walk toward the next arena and noticed a green beetle in the distance. As we approached the mutant vehicle we heard: “Hop on!”. My artist friend and I looked at each other like…”is this really happening”?  We came on board and he said “ My name is Speckles, and I would be happy to help you guys out”.

My buddy explained that he was an artist, and would like to escort me to the artist compound for an ice cold beer. “No problem!” Speckles exclaimed. He proceeded to drive us through the crowd, as I hung off the side of this green beetle art car I couldn’t help but notice the smiles and stares I was getting from everyone around me. “What should I do while i’m up here I wondered..” I didn’t want to be a stick in the mud so I reached into my pocket and remembered the LED poi balls that had just been gifted to me.

I began to spin these glowing light poi in an effort to add to the festivities and energy around me, everyone cheered us on as we drove through the crowd and I couldn’t believe I was now hanging off the side of a green beetle, spinning poi, driving through the kinetic field, with an Insomniac sanctioned artist, being escorted by a blue clown named Speckles on my way to the artist compound. “What is life?” I wondered. As we reached the artist compound I noticed Knife Party, Nghtmre, Loudpvck and so many more artists mingling. I sat down with my friend for a beer, took it all in and expressed nothing but gratitude for those around me.

After taking a break I walked back to the Cosmic Meadow to end my night with some morning flow to the immaculate sounds of Tycho. My entire EDC experienced is summed up by one song: L by Tycho. This perfect piece of music made my EDC, and to be honest it was the single most blissful experience of my life. I’ve been going to Raves consistently since 2008, my first EDC was at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and for the first time in seven years I felt completely re-born, re-awakened, and completely re-imagined. It was honestly the best day of my life, and I hope next year’s EDC will be just as epic, if not more.

EDC Sunrise set by Tycho