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photo credit: Jose Negrete (@_josenegrete)

Getting Wet and Wild In The Desert: A Weekend at Splash House

If you live in beautiful Southern California and haven’t been living under a rock, then you have undoubtedly become aware of Splash House, a surreally unique weekend getaway/festival in the Palm Desert of California.  Splash House is unlike any festival you have ever been to, mixed somewhere in a cocktail made of equal parts Coachella and a Las Vegas pool party with a pineapple garnish and a small mini umbrella.  The festival split between 3 stages (2 located at the Riveria and 1 at The Saguaro) each next to their own pool, instantly feels like a dance music paradise hidden in a desert oasis.  The second you stepped foot in either of the hotels you could tell they were no longer hotels but the biggest parties in the desert, people roaming through the halls with drink in hand, tropical attire and swimsuits on, it was impossible to find someone not having the time of their life, parties stretched from one hotel room to the next as people eagerly got ready for their favorite DJs to take the stage.  Once at the actual pool, it was clear this was not your average dance party, the dance floor had been removed and in it’s place was a pool filled with beautiful people and decorative floaties (because safety first!).  This aspect was important because people weren’t mindlessly focused on the DJ staring forward, people were all around in every direction meeting each other and enjoying the vibe, you could be relaxing in a cabana, in the pool meeting your weekend lover, or in your zone dancing to the music.  There were no rules, only good vibes and good times.  Not to say the music wasn’t as equally on point as well, as Justin Martin absolutely destroyed his set and even got people grooving in the pool, and if you were lucky enough to attend the Justin Jay and Friends after party at the Palm Springs Air museum, you already know the music was perfect from start to stop.  Don’t forget, if you missed out Splash House returns in August!

photo credit: Galen Oakes (@onenativeyouth)
photo credit: Galen Oakes (@onenativeyouth)


photo credit: Galen Oakes (@onenativeyouth)


Splash House 2016
Photo Credit: Jesse Fulton (@jesse_lee_fulton)