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Unified Highway album & AMP Live Interview

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vocalist/guitarist and renowned producer, Eric Rachmany, teams up for a new live band labeled Unified Highway, with DJ and remixer Amp Live (formerly of Zion I). The duo’s self-titled thirteen-track debut album available via Audible Collision and Strange Focus Records was released in March of 2016. This project explores the intersection of reggae, electronic, and hip-hop. In addition to RnB alternative-soul style vocals that create unforgettable hit songs containing meaningful and uplifting lyrics. Break out tracks such as “My Space (Mikos Da Gawd Remix)” – “Distractions (Yeti Remix feat. Hirie)” – and “Same Thing Coming” (Krooked Drivers Remix)

This new Electro – Reggae – Soul group follows up their debut with this ten-track remix compilation. This remix compilation takes us on a psychedelic journey of dub and synth with Eric’s powerful lyrical accompaniment driving the album through unexpected narrative territory.

This ten-track trap and bass laden remix album unifies some of today’s top producers featuring remixes from such artists as psychedelic trap producer Ill- Esha with a cover of R.E.M.’s infamous “Losing My Religion”. With other collaborators included in the project such as Krooked Drivers, Dirt Monkey, and dubstep original gangster, Liquid Stranger. This remix album provides a sonic roller coaster of electromagnetic music and human melodies. At moments this album becomes celestial, taking listeners into a whole new season resonating with the ecstatic celebratory feel of today’s top music festivals like Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man.

iTunes: geni.us/2NKp
Amazon: geni.us/KRt
Google Play: geni.us/3Wzc
CD: geni.us/1r6V
Spotify: geni.us/1PEq

“Since its inception, [Unified Highway] has aimed to get together and make music that didn’t sound like anything else. Through this, the two have found a sweet spot nestled among the sounds and styles of reggae, electronic, hip-hop, alternative, and soul music.” – Run the Trap

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How did you two link up to form Unified Highway?

ERIC– I met Amp Live several years back when Rebelution performed with Zion I.  We had always talked about doing a project together.  Once we started to make songs for fun we realized we had something special.  Unified Highway was born.

AMP LIVE– Yeah, we had a really good chemistry making music together.  I actually produced a couple of Rebelution songs and on the road we would work on them.  

What drew you to the hip hop & reggae influences?

ERIC- We really enjoy all genres of music.  We don’t want to limit ourselves to one style.  I think it’s safe to say I come from more of a Reggae background and Amp Live comes from more of the hip hop background.

Some of the most influential artists you respect?

ERIC– I really respect Don Carlos.  He’s a great performer.  I also have really respected all the stuff Amp Live has done over the years, way before I even met him.  He doesn’t really stick to one formula.  Each song Amp Live produces is unique in it’s own way.

AMP LIVE– I am influenced by everything honestly.  Of course a big fan of all the classic producers, Dre, Rick Ruben, Timbaland, JDilla etc.  I am currently really bangin GTA, Liquid Stranger, and the new Flume album.  For reggae, Rebelution has definitely had a big influence on me.  I really opened up and learned the respect for reggae music through them and Eric!

Have you ever heard of dub reggae band ‘Katchafire’ out of New Zealand?

ERIC- Yes, Katchafire is one of my favorites.  Awesome vibes.

I like your AMP Live logo, is there an artist who designed/your album art that you’d like to credit it to?

ERIC– …Amp, you should answer this question!

AMP LIVE– Thanks! Yes for sure, an art designer by the name of Anthony Cole from my management company, Ineffable Music Group.