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Premiere: Norty – We Were Nearly There EP (Young Heavy Souls)

Following a series of high profile performances at Electric Forest, Serenity Gathering, and opening for Ratatat, a Midwest tour and the release of a three-song EP in May, Norty delivers We Were Nearly There, his most exciting collection of music yet.

I don’t care if they stop / It’s setting fire to my bones” Norty’s opening mantra burns with a restless energy that permeates throughout the album. “We’re soaking up what’s gone / got to get back where you’re from” sings Norty on the title track, setting the tone for what feels like both a departure and return to form for the Grand Rapids, MI producer. Returning to his indie roots, the album’s sound blends live instrumentation and vocals with innovative dance and electronic production. 

Lead by a sitar riff, New Disguise explores unique rhythmic patterns that build towards the hook. The album takes a wavy turn with Darker Days, bringing down the tempo and creating a lush soundscape of melodies, crashing horns and floating vocal chops. The stand out single, Pockets starts with a pulsating tribal beat and builds to an infectiously catchy chorus.

Greed is the album’s heaviest track, resonating with the sounds of a big city after dark. Going Back lightens the mood with a house-inspired backbeat before displaying some of the album’s most primal moments with the verse’s vocal performance. 

The 90s-dance-inspired piano riff of Swimming lays the foundation for the albums closer. An ode to summer, with lyrics bouncing in stereo proclaiming their adoration for “the late hours.” Swimming tops off the album with a saxophone infused finale. 

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