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As summer rolls in, MASTRKRFT will soon release their third album on July 22 on Last Gang Records.  To launch the album’s physical pre-order, they’ve made available another song from it with both the physical and digital pre-order for the album available now here, marking the only place you can purchase the album on vinyl, CD & t-shirt as well as a signed poster bundle.

Check out MSTRKRFT’s new record “Priceless” now

Check out their Q&A here 
“Our desire to make a techno record with a punk aesthetic guided our choices for vocal contributions. Some of our initial ideas on who we wanted on the record started to seem like too grandiose a gesture after being away for so long, so we started thinking about records we listened to from our past. From a time when were playing in and recording bands that were. The VSS record ‘Nervous Circuits’ was something that was constantly referenced, and the vocal stylings and production heavily admired.” He adds, “When we asked Sonny Kay to write something he was very enthusiastic, which excited us, and somehow validated our idea of asking punk rockers to be involved in the album. Sonny ended up delivering a masterful composition of word play with an intense performance that was used almost untouched in its entirety.”


Meanwhile, reaching to the other side of the musical spectrum, MSTRKRFT is ready to blow up your party with this remix  “Mr Oizo has managed to strip down the original song by adding a rather classical drums break and by giving to ‘Party Line’  a more dancefloor-friendly atmosphere. A great surprise!”  Listen to the remix now:


The duo also lent their remixing skills to   “Turning it into a rough and scratchy house track, the veteran pair channel a distorted, chaotic style that echoes the aesthetic of their first two singles from the new album, ” wrote Toby Reaper of Dancing Astronaut (6/6/16). Though this sound has been present in much of their previous music, the song structure, minimal synth lines and sample decisions showcase a more tech-oriented direction for the album. While sometimes rough sounding on headphones or computer speakers, hearing MSTRKRFT’s new work on their forthcoming tour will be an experience to say the least.”



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