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Premiere: Demur – Declaration [Free Download]

If you’re looking for something that stands out among the school of club djs and bedroom producers to satisfy a musical itch that’s hard to reach, look no further. Demur just premiered his new tune “Declaration” and it leaves me wanting a full dance floor of grunge kids to mosh with.

Demur tends to flavor his songs with an alternative splash using grinding, electric guitars and snappy punk percussion beats. When it’s all put together using an array of cool sound fx and a devious jersey-club beat, “Declaration” becomes an infectious tune that will easily hype up a crowd. The song really captures that teenage-angst we all know so well and permeates the air with a vibe that’s often overlooked in the electronic music scene. Watch out for more from Demur and make sure to check out “Declaration” below.

Download “Declaration” HERE

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