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Premiere: Prismo Gifts Us With Emotional Take “Shame”

Every time the sounds of Texas native Prismo hit my inbox it’s never short of a shock or surprise as he showcases an eclectic style that’s obviously drowning in diversity. It’s refreshing and proves that he is not a one trick pony.

Back with yet another majestic tune that is likely to serenade you into a sonic euphoria, Shame is the name of the game this time around that opens with a tense vocal build up quick to introduce a morose bassline setting a hint of edgy darkness. It’s dreamy in an emotional way that embraces the energy of the jersey sound and only goes to show how powerful of an emotion Shame can really be.

That is before we get to a soothing interlude that follows the 2nd drop into a House fueled wonderland. It’s a kick ass track that really just gets you going with real feels behind it for short. Don’t even take it from me. Take a listen for yourself down below and get ready to hop on the Prismo wagon before the band comes along.

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