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Comradery, Secret Sets, Tacos & A Slew Of Renegades. This Is Our Camp Bisco Story.

 In my last major piece I was preparing anyone who has not had the pleasure of enjoying this festivals new home let alone the event itself for what they could expect to look forward to. Little did I know when initially writing that article what I would end up getting myself into during the coming weeks or how it would pan out. I’ve always had a special time at previous camps with The Biscuits, in fact, I can attribute them for connecting me with who I would eventually open a branch in Florida for, let alone the bounds of great people I would meet at each outing that stay in touch till today but this time was one for the books.


The Concepton
After finding out that I would be there doing coverage for the event I began thinking of ways to expand the experience while providing something for the festival goers on the mountain for this one. I’ve been to renegade sites where patrons would organize their own sound & attain some known talent to serve up secret sets in the past, great for people who want to keep their night going after the main stages have gone down. While contemplating exactly how I wanted to go about I had notice someone post to the event page about an event within the event that they were in the midst of organizing. The person heading it? A military veteran,  Alan Lusk. He had been going to Bisco for over 15 years and for the last 10 has celebrated his birthday party at camp by providing his whole campsite with food. This year he wanted to up the ante, so he opened it up to the public! Now we’re not talking burgers and hotdogs which on their own would’ve been a great gesture, nope, he had planned on serving up a gourmet spread dubbing the affair as Camp Disco Tacos.
FB_IMG_1468938976074I was still looking into ways to make my own vision of an after come to life then it came to me, I instantly reached out to Alan wondering if there was any entertainment added yet to his event and that’s the moment things began getting interesting. We took our newfound collaboration and started collecting people who were game to help make the idea come to life, the result led to the addition of some righteous people & some serious sound. With some initial interest already being shown I knew we had something for the people of Camp Bisco to get excited about, it was happening! Right as things couldn’t seem to possibly get any better than they already were looking we get word about a last minute addition to the mix, finding out the bus was affiliated with GoodLooksNY made the decision easy and with that, things were set to hit a high that would surely be remembered by many.

After arriving early Wednesday morning before the herd we went and secured the best spot possible then made sure to start plotting out the best way to set up the convoy along with the space in which the crowd would be. Before we knew it the final vehicle rolled in, The Jaenga Bus. This thing was something you had to check out, royal purple coat, panels that when dropped exposed speakers & the performer in the center with a roof ready for ambitious fans. Shortly after all the parties involved got to mingle, eat and catch up who other than up & coming heavy hitter Slushii who brought along friend Kris Cayden came through gracing brothers Zach and Jacob Barsons RV with a slew of fortunate campers who managed to find us early filling up the space more by the minute.

First day & night was a success, I couldn’t of felt more comfortable and at one with my new group of friends. Waking up it was finally time, the official start of Camp Bisco ensued! Local producers WOOGIE & SUBTRONICS showed up and began preparing to go hulk mode on The Disco Lounge for it’s christening, meanwhile the Jaenga bus was finishing getting prepped for the mayhem that was soon to come. With crew in tow we headed over check out friend and contest winner Newpy Hundo over at The Office stage for some deep house before getting over to the lounge hosted this year by the GoodLooks team, I would go into details about how the set went but I’ll let this teaser do the talking:

FB_IMG_1468865241174Once the set was done we kept the ball rolling carting over to the main stage, SNAILS hit the stage whipping the crowd into a frenzy & after last year I already knew people were gassed to get some more vomit in their lives. Afterwards we went back to the bus to catch a b2b2b between SUBTRONICS x WOOGIE & SLUSHII which was just what the doctor ordered, this would be one of the first of many wild set ups that would occur on that bus. Next up was the first performance by The Disco Biscuits themselves and I gotta say, If you’ve never caught a Biscuits set. Put it on your list. With Music rushing from behind the trees, surges of bass hits and a hue of light I wandered over to it’s source. Who was it? Prince Fox, throwing down one hell of a performance riffling through a tracklist I wouldn’t have pictured from him and everyone packed into the area couldn’t have been more amped. I managed to catch some NGHTMRE where he dropped a bevy of his hits from the past year which went right into the next act, SLANDER. Having to make the call we left the wave pool stage to go catch the last act of the night, BIG GRIZMATIK. Wow. I mean, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing Griz, Big Gigantic or Gramatik perform then catching this trinity was something you just had to do. Soulful sounds, melodic rhythms and lights almost seemed to have the crowd whipped into a trance with them loving every minute of it. Luckily for me I was stacking energy because before hitting the RV site back up I had to stop to soak in the last batch of tunes being played out by PHUTUREPRIMITIVE which I wasn’t expecting but was appreciated. Back at Camp Disco Tacos  things were already underway, walking up was wild hearing how onpoint the sound was. Finally as you approach the bus you can see the crowd, just under a thousand kids all together rallied to the grounds. Slushii and a slew of other artists keep things going till around 4:30 – 5 am that morning.


I was now on day III of the festival and things showed zero sign of plateauing. Walking up from the wooded area where I had ended up sleeping the night before you could already hear the bustling, I’d say it was probaly 11:30 am. Our site had began sizzling different kinds of bacon x sauteing onions x whipping up spicy blueberry sauce with some slow cooked penil which was perfect because the whole team was definitely ready to recharge for the day! After some great morning sets from a few choice people including another member of the squad, JOE-SAN. I took my time recovering the previous two days to make sure I didn’t burn myself out and to prep for the next night of madness at Camp Disco Tacos so I didn’t hit the stages till 5:35 pm when THE POLISH AMBASSADOR was beginning by the wave pool. I’ll tell you what, there’s few things as great as the feeling of going down a waterslide while soaking up the sun and a collection of phenomenal acts. Having caught the following two sets by ANNA LUNOE & TROYBOI which as expected both threw down some great sets which really set the tone for the mass of people littered all over the mountain side that faces the stage. Rushing to stop back to our camp through the mainstage area I almost came to a complete halt halfway through the field, I had realized who was performing. ODESZA. I mean talk about wow factor, everyone from pavilion to the lawn were in a state of trance ( no pun intended ). From track to track it just keep growing in intensity but never left the realm of uplifting and there wasn’t a complaint to be heard. After a quick golf cart trip back to the waterpark for SHIBA SAN who managed to play all the right things it was time to hit the second round of Biscuits.
Without fail they managed to pull another incredible performance out of their bag, again if you’ve never caught THE DISCO BISCUITS i’d make it a point to check em out!
Capping off the roster for Friday was MIJA x 12th PLANET, the energy those two threw into their sets was just what the doctor ordered right then and there. The night wasn’t over though, nope. Back at our site it was time, music louder than the nights prior and people walking in herds to come see what all the talks been about. GRIZ lighting up the rv lot with a dubstep set some would only dream of. After the bus finished getting lit up by bass the music eventually fades away at 5 AM.


It was finally here, the last day of Camp. This day started off noticeably different than the others as everyone had such strong direction & desire to soak up everything this possibly could before shipping off the next day. After some food to get the momentum secured and to help drive getting the grounds cleaned up a bit more for the last night of music at our camp I had made my way to go catch REZZ. Needless to say the set was exactly what I had been looking for with RL Grime taking things to the next level. Before hitting REZZ though something great had happened… I walked in to an impromptu set by YOOKIE and if you have never heard of these guys somehow or caught one of their all out performances fueled by all original content. Your missing out, no question about it. After one last stop to check out the main stage to go check out Canadian duo ZEDS DEAD slayed their hour slot with video game fueled visuals and an assortment of records that had people seemingly trying to break their own necks keeping up with the intense basslines seeping out the speakers. Finished off the night at the Wave stage with JAI WOLF, PANTYRAID, & MARSHMELLO. Some people had mixed reactions but overall the atmosphere created by the last wave ( no pun intended ) of artists was just what the doctor ordered. Of course though the night wasn’t over with another batch of talent ready to come destroy the rv lot one last time. I mean wow, you had to just see the all out animalistic air this site had that Saturday night. I mean, we’re talking about a self organized, self funded event within an event and the names that had come to grace our stage was almost head spinning. In no particular order, LAETUS, CRYWOLF, JAENGA, DUSTY BITS, BEN SLIVER of ORCHARD LOUNGE, MRVLS, DAPP, SLIGHTY SUS, BALLOONFACE, and Last but most certainly not least YOOKIE.

The Conclusion

Everything went exactly how I would’ve wished, but then some. I knew I would meet a slew of great people but never knew how great they would end up being. I knew we would have some star studded talent but not entirely sure who would actually make the cut. I also knew our whole entire team would make an impact but just didn’t have a grasp of just how wild we would turn this thing out. Whenever you question something you feel passionate about you are deciding whether a dream or goal is worth the headache and stress over. The next time you think something is out of reach or impossible then remember this story, remember the efforts made by a team of people brought together by their love of music & food. Comradery was found and grown upon. My journey this year has led me to check out new regions like Colorado, California and Arizona. It led me to making strides in self growth coming out as bi this year and finally being confident enough about who I was and what i wanted in life. It led me to making new connections like my friend Jeffrey Sherman who I was blessed to be able to work with to create our first event in LA with Sweden’s FIRST GIFT & Pennsylvania native, Dj Woogie. And of course, working with my new team this year with Tyyler Burrett’s Trapstyle whose brand was the main drive for all of my decisions this year. I can’t stress this enough, whether your an artist, an entrepreneur in the making or just an overzealous fan who wants to be more than an observer there is always something for you to do, sometimes you just have to think outside the box to make your dreams a reality. For those who have dreams outside of music, believe me, the same formula works as well. Find a team that supports your ideas and concepts & run with them. Help them achieve their goals and find yours getting accomplished in the process. As the Italians say, Veni Vidi Vici. I came, I saw, I conquered.

More photos, videos and credits to come*

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