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Come Fish, Swim Or Dance At Organic Music Festival

Somewhere out in Northern California, there’s an interesting festival brewing in the distance. With so many largescale events popping up what could set this o e apart from the others? The promise of something more intimate, earthly and well.. ” Organic “.

Their m.o. was to ” set out this year with one idea in mind, to provide the best 3 day, 2 night camping, dancing, bass filled, talented, and love filled experience this side of the Mississippi, and we are happy to say that we passed even our own expectations. ” & with that initiative taken we got Organic Music Festival.

This being the second year for this festival they’ve already been seeing a healthy response from patrons wanting to come experience what OMF has to offer selling out early bird and 1st tier allotment of tickets. Price will be going up from $99 to $120 so check the official website or Facebook page for up to date pricing.

At Organic the music is only a portion of what you have to enjoy your vacation. The organizers of this event have put a mass of effort to assure that the attendees would receive ” inspiration and comfort in any direction they turn ” having invited quality local artists and a slew of organic food vendors which help create some worthwhile pit stops and activities for you to experience during your journey around the festival grounds as well as some planned activities like yoga, live painting, and dancing. With all of these artists, experiences, and energy in such a small and intimate venue, there’s never a dull moment.

Unique Festival  Features

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