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Life Is Beautiful 2016 Gets Creative

If you’re like me and waiting to party in Vegas until it cools off from a scorching 115 degrees, you’re probably stoked to hit Life Is Beautiful. After the festivals highly acclaimed success last year, Insomniac has made sure to pump some juice into the veins of the event and bring out some world class artists and art installations.

This year will feature a wide variety of both highly skilled artists who will be displaying their work as well as mind-altering art installations leaving your senses bewildered. Among the massive murals that will be displayed at the festival will be the works of Shepard Fairey (the mind behind Obey clothing), Bezt from Etam Cru, Felipe Pantone, Dulk and so many more. These artists will be creating and showing massive pieces at the event giving you a visual experience like none other.

Also gracing the festival grounds will be insane installations from all over the globe such as the Big Rig Jig which was recently featured in Banksy’s Dismaland. Life Is Beautiful will showcase works like the Silent Room that gives attendees a sensory experience and the brand new aerial-and-ground act Proximate Sky from Poetic Kinetics. These are only some of the fun and exciting eye-catching features of the festival so make sure to visit Life Is Beautiful’s website below to stay up to date.