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Insomniac Gives Charity a Reason to Dance

Insomniac is known to throw some of the largest dance parties and music festivals in the world but the average rave-goer may never know the beneficiary side to the brand’s CEO Pasquale Rotella. His largest draw, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas brings over 120,000 attendees a night and with each ticket bought, a dollar is donated to a charity of Insomniac’s choosing as well as $10 allocated for each guest list spot.

The dust from the event has settled and the donations have been delivered to 3 organizations; the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, the Emergency Medicine Resident Research Fund and Injured Police Officers Fund. Each charity has been given $40,000 dollars to suit their needs and fund projects.

Insomniac has donated over $540,000 to local Las Vegas charities since 2011 and over the past two years alone, the company collected almost $190,000 through its pioneering EDC Week Charity Auction. Since the Insomniac Cares program inception in 2011, over $1.4 million have been donated to over 30 different non-profits.

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