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AutoErotique – Streets (EXSSV Remix) [PREMIERE]

Christian Colon aka EXSSV is the realest bass star coming out of New York.

From his debut banger “Starstruck” to today’s premiere remix, the level of hype around EXSSV is not nearly enough. Remixing AutoErotique’s bass house tune “Streets”, which is almost reminiscent of old school fidget house, into the growling dubstep banger we have below gives us a taste of his darker side. With almost trance-like synths and jungle-style vocals, EXSSV grabs your attention almost immediately from the get-go. Wait for it and with the almighty drop he wreaks havoc with monsterous synths and infectious percussion hits. Keeping the energy mellow at the break, we’re treated to a shower of drums until the return of filthy basslines and high pitched synths. EXSSV is quickly becoming a staple in the bass music circuit and will continue to be at the forefront with releases like this. Scope the tune off of Dim Mak Records below!

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