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Rawtek – RIXA! [Premiere]

The boys are back at it again! Rawtek has been climbing the steps of the music scene, garnering support from some big names on their take on salsa infused house breaks they’ve dubbed Lionsound.

Releasing their newest tune on the Mad Decent sublabel Good Enuff, Levi and Daniel aka Rawtek have successfully clinched my interest with their original “RIXA!”. Despite Rawtek’s quiet personal nature, their music is loud, proud and in your face. Boasting tribal style vocals being shouted in a foreign language (Spanish?) and a beat that gives your hips the urge to shake like Shakira, “RIXA!” is a full fledged cultural banger. Follow along as you dance to energetic chants, bird calls, and an infectious 2nd drop with a sneaky jersey club beat. Stream Rawtek’s “RIXA!” Below.

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