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Joyryde – Hot Drum [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Joyryde has been a driving force in the bass house scene since his emergence a year ago. Keeping a theme of piston-pumping beats and fuel injected basslines, Joyryde isn’t showing any sign of hitting those brakes on his production any time soon.

His newest release “Hot Drum” takes us along the freeway of funk to start off with some really wonky effects and detuned vocals echoing around us. The ride stops for a second to gear up for the gas-pedalling drop and brings a stretched out call of “If you’re ready, make some noise!” right before the bass come at your face. Dropping into a wobbly bass house banger with a huge Reggae drum loop that keeps those butt cheeks moving. The whole track is a NOS propelled house tune that will be playing in clubs and festivals around the country. Joyryde put out a music video with the track as well as making the song a free download. Scope the video below and cop the track!

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