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Dirtybird Campout

4 Reasons Dirtybird Campout Is The Place To Be At This Year

Feature photo: Juliana Bernstein

I knew I was in for an amazing time as soon as I set foot into the campgrounds at the inaugural Dirtybird Campout last year. The sun was shining bright and I could feel positive vibes being radiated from every single direction. It was a magical entrance in other words.

Fast forward just a few hours and the four on the floor beats were pulsing throughout. You could hear the kick drum in the distance as the sun began to peak and the excitement roared in abundance. Shit was about to get so real. Just in case you weren’t already sold on the stacked AF lineup featuring Claude Von Stroke, Reggie Watts, Green Velvet, Shiba San, Justin Martin, and so much more Dirtybird fam, here are four reasons why Dirtybird Campout is the place to be at this year.


#1) It’s Like Disneyland but better
Think of it like a playground for adults without long lines and children crying and running everywhere. It’s a judgment free zone that inspires creativity and a sense of belonging curated by the notorious vibe masters Do Lab alongside the Dirtybird fam. Come be yourself. There’s music, food, booze, great vibes, friends, and even more music in abundance. What more could you ask for? One thing that fucking blows about modern day festivals is that everything is ridiculously overpriced — not at Campout. $5 for a water? Fuck that. $12 for a vodka + cranberry? Nope. Why you may ask? Because you get to bring all of your own stuff into the festival! Just make sure to pack all your shit before you go because nobody likes M.O.O.P. roaming around! (Matter that’s Out Of Place aka TRASH)


#2) Artists Are Humans Too
Granted – there’s a backstage/ VIP area (because festival) but there is no room for any divas on the Campgrounds. Last year I had Justin Jay serve me food right before I got to play dodgeball on the same team as Claude Von Fucking Stroke and it was the most humbling thing ever. I repeat: I GOT TO PLAY DODGEBALL ON THE SAME TEAM AS CLAUDE VON FUCKING STROKE. When was the last time you got to play dodgeball with Papa Bird? Did I mention the “Camp Counselors” are all artists on the bill? Catch them roaming the campgrounds in their nifty boy scout outfits. You can’t miss them.


#3) Who Doesn’t Love Tug Of War & Standup Comedy?
The thought of spending 4 days camping at a festival can be daunting to some. What am I gonna do for 4 whole days? Won’t I run out of things to do aside from listen to music? The answer: nope. The campout features standup comedy, boat races, dodgeball, kickball, arts & crafts, and plenty of opportunities for you to have fun away from the music. It’s pretty much impossible to ever drop the “I’m bored” card at Campout.


#4) Four On The Floor All Day Long
Because who the fuck doesn’t love House music? From beginning to end you can hear (and feel if you’re close enough) House music being played throughout. From the Mainstage all the way to the back, there’s plenty of music to go around. That is of course with random spurts of Drum N Bass to satisfy everyone’s needs. Jungle freaks – Campout understands.


Really this whole article could have been summed up as “the best campout of the year” but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Get your tickets HERE while they’re still hot and don’t let FOMO or all your friends’ post-campout talk get the best of you.


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