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Get BLASTED w/ Styles&Complete, We’re Not Friends, Um.. and more

Los Angeles, the city of angels, is and has been the breeding ground for all kinds of subcultures and “scenes” if you will. The LA bass music scene has been thriving recently with the new Union venue being used for a variety of underground shows.

BLASTED will be hosting a room at Union in Los Angeles on Saturday the 24th of September. Along with a damn good time and plenty of sound, the people behind BLASTED are bringing an eclectic mix of hard-hitting artists including a few up-and-comers who are straight merkin’ the bass game. With Styles&Complete headlining the event, you’re going to get your fill of heavy dubstep but just in case you’re not sure, there’s more! Along with The Ninety’s and rising Icon graduates Um.. are the versatile We’re Not Friends bass duo out of Miami. They recently put out their “Old School VIP” which you will definitely be hearing more of (and can stream below). Finishing off the ticket for BLASTED at Union this next Saturday is rising star Cherney with his out of this world sound and young gun Vulgarity holding it down.

Each of these artists will be giving you a taste of their musical styles and if you need even more reason to go,

Be sure to grab tickets HERE before the show sells out!

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