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Goldplate and Swage – The Legend of 2 Taco Timmy [Free Download]

Nothing gets my ass bouncing like a good break beat banger. When you mix Goldplate’s high energy madness with Swage’s groovy beats, you get their newest collab “The Legend of 2 Taco Timmy” which will have you in a state of booty bouncing.

Now I don’t know the legend of Mr. 2 Taco Timmy, but I know that mofo was having a blast. “The Legend of 2 Taco Timmy” is the break-beat journey from space to the depths of low down bass town. Starting off we get to move our feet to the beat accompanied by vocals demanding to “bring the funk back”. We’re taken to a galactic space bubble battle with the first drop where synths are flying around your head as the vocal shots are warped and bent. As the second build starts and we feel the energy rise up, there is a noticable change in the direction of the sound design. We start to hear a creeping frog-like synth work its way through the frequency spectrum until the nasty second drop comes. Unleashing full force the track goes nuts with all kinds of monsterous synth work and fat basslines over the centric break beat. Swage and Goldplate put their heads together on “The Legend of 2 Taco Timmy” and I believe it shows how two artists can have very different styles yet come together to make a piece that doesn’t pigeonhole either artist.

“The Legend of 2 Taco Timmy” is a free download on Swage’s Soundcloud. Stream the track below.

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