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Kennedy Jones Takes Calvin Harris Up A Notch

There’s a lot of talk in the bass music scene about lack of originality and where the direction of the genre will go. Well hopefully with tracks like Kennedy Jones’ newest Dubstep take on the Calvin Harris tune “My Way” we see a shift in the movement.

Starting off with ambient energy and a filtered beat, the vocals come in across a feel good piano melody that reminds us that life is going to be okay. Kennedy let the intro and buildup set a soft tone which as the buildup begins you feel start to sway to the dark side. The drop is thrust upon our ears savagely as synths reminiscent of Emalkay feed us the bass we crave and we are treated to a bouncy backbone of a beat. Kennedy Jones uses a lot of simple sound design for this as well as some classic yoy growls giving it that 2012 feel that I believe the industry is lacking right now. This remix has a different feel to it than a lot of what is being put out by major players in the bass music scene and I think this throwback-esque track may be the direction we are headed. Stream it below and see if you think this coupled with Myro – Playa aren’t signs that we’re ready for a change.

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