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SwaggleRock x Holly – Lemme In [Premiere]

Bass music is the epitome of my soul. From the anquish of erratic frequencies to deep sub vibes of heavy 808s, I thrive on original and creative tracks.

We recently got our hands on a banger of a hybrid tune, coming from SwaggleRock and Holly, two insanely talented bass producers. Both of these artists are highly skilled in an array of musical genres and having them collab on a tune is down right insanity. Their newest work of art, “Lemme In”, is a hybrid-bass, demonized ride through the darkness of sound. Starting off with a foreboding beat and paired with chopped vocals being thrown at you, we have began our adventure. A train from hell signals the oncoming bass drop, a detuned voice demands entrance to your soul and crunchy 808s vibrate back and forth through your body making you grip your chair tighter. We have ourselves a bouncing hybrid banger and then the energy shifts. With a jumpy beat and tortured squeals, SwaggleRock comes in and delivers an extra-heavy dubstep breakdown, punching you in the gut with heavy machine gun sounds. After our full on ragefest, SwaggleRock and Holly take us back to the beginning and remind us how those 808 kicks feel and finish out the tune quite nicely.

Each minute of this track is an assault on your ears, reminding you that bass music is the new metal. SwaggleRock and Holly put down some serious work in “Lemme In” from the well timed vocal shots to the clean sound design. Scope this banger out on our SoundCloud below bruh.

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