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SoDown – Never Ending Story ft. Jubee

I’m down for all kinds of music, but I’m so down for SoDown’s newest single with Jubee.

“Never Ending Story” is the most recent, pristine work of audio art from Ehren River Wright aka SoDown. The Colorado bass musician has been rising through the scene with this unique brand of far out and pure music. With a strong focus on using organic instruments in his tracks, SoDown creates insanely funky tunes. Topping the cake with Jubee’s smooth vocals on his new track, SoDown was able to give a push to his sound design further and strectch limits in new areas. With clean cutting lasers, organ blasts, monster yups, and some crystalline percussion, Ehren has created a world of sound. Throw on top of that some feel good guitar rhythyms and a beautiful saxophone solo from the man himself, and you have SoDown’s newest bass tune. Scope “Never Ending Story ft. Jubee” below.

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