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Will Clarke

Interview: Will Clarke Talks Dirtybird Campout, Booty Percolatin’, and More!

Dirtybird Campout made for one hell of a camping trip and if you weren’t there it’s safe to say that you missed out. Do not fear –  check out my recap here so you can vicariously relive or experience Campout in a nutshell. Don’t forget to check out the new updated article here.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the notoriously bearded Mr. Will Clarke before embracing the full on Booty-House action of the weekend. His beard as much as his distinctive percolating sounds have made him a staple to the DIRTYBIRD Records fam and it was fairly obvious why during the entirety of the weekend.

If there was one song that continuously found it’s way into sets at the Birdhouse (Mainstage) as well as the scattered campground DJ sets, it was “Booty Percolating” from Will himself. That, and his older track “Big Booty” which are catchy on the streets and make for some groovy ass beats. There’s a lot of booty action within his tunes and I’m not even mad about it.

With a scorching sun to scare away a dancing crowd soaring above the fest-grounds, Will’s fans persevered and he had an insane amount of people grooving away during his boisterous booty house set. It was truly impressive seeing everyone grooving under the sun despite the Sahara like temperature.

Straying from the path, Will prides himself on making music for those who like to stay in the club until the sun comes up. And I quote, I make music for clubbers, not DJ’s.”

See what he had to say below:

How was your Dirtybird Campout experience?
“It was bloody amazing, its defiantly my favourite festival to go to and to play. If you haven’t been to anyone reading this you must go.”
Did you play any activities on the fest grounds? If so, what were your faves?
“I didn’t actually, I observed a lot of them but most of the festival I was hanging around in the crowd and just taking it all in.”
What were some of your favorite sets of the weekend?
“Justin Martin murdered it Saturday night, and Billy Kenny was unreal on the afterparty stage. Christian Martin’s sunrise set blew my mind.”
Craziest experience you encountered during your stay was?
“If I am totally honest it was when I was DJing. I didn’t expect that amount of people to turn up and watch me play. When I first jumped on, I remember the field being half full then two tracks later I couldn’t see where the crowd stopped, it was crazy.”
How would you describe Campout in comparison to other festivals you have played this year that were not directly related to Dirtybird?
“It’s the only festival I know where majority of the artist stay for the whole weekend, its fun and super chilled there is so much to do, its almost like the music is secondary and an added bonus. Also its nice that there is only one stage with music on at any one time meaning all artists get the chance to be heard.”
I definitely heard Big Booty roaming the camp and fest grounds. You have been riding a huge wave of momentum since you released Big Booty on Anabatic Records – how has that been for you and what are you planning on doing next?
“So this was released a while back now, I’ve just had a release on Dirtybird called “Booty Percolatin” this is a collab between myself and DJ Funk and the B-side is a track called “House Girl.
Anything you’d like to share with everyone before you go?
“So if you don’t know I am currently on tour in America, check out www.djwillclarke.com for tickets to my shows. Thanks for having me and I’ll catch you soon #doingitforthecuddles”