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BASECAMP Destroys Boundaries With In Stone EP

It’s not often we have the privilege of hearing music that is completely unique in it’s style and sound.

The trio hailing from Nashville, BASECAMP, consists of Aaron Miller, Aaron C. Harmon, and Jordan Reyes. Having joined forces and finding an instant artistic connection, BASECAMP since the start has created a whirlwind of original sound. They have just released a much awaited EP entitled In Stone on one of the most versatile labels in the electronic music scene, OWSLA.

The In Stone EP is a collection of brooding downtempo tracks that are rooted in emotion. The 6 track ep starts off with “Lo”, an industrial-tainted, melodramatic ride through deep pools of orchestral sound. Next up is “The Hunter”, the upbeat and dreamy wave ride that picks up the mood of the ep. I find the vocal layers of this track quite hypnotic and the percussion is superbly sharp and intriguing. “On My Heels” follows with a more R&B focused sound applying a soulful guitar and faint pads. The title track “In Stone” takes the reigns after “On My Heels”, presenting us with a top notch tug of war on your heartstrings. The haunting chants, eerie sounds, and overall progression into an almost jersey club style beat makes for one hell of an audio journey. Following that is “Ghostown”, a minimilastic and soft track with some expansive vocals that really speak to one’s core. “Reap” closes out the ep, working it’s click and pop filled percussion to dance with the vocals and then delivers a deep house beat for a nice ending.

BASECAMP has been able to breathe back some humanity and thought into the in your face electronic music world. With their raw vocals, brooding melodies and percussive masterpieces, BASECAMP will reveal your inner, electronic R&B fanatic and steal yo girl. Buy the In Stone EP HERE as well as stream it below and watch the video for “In Stone”.

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