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Yuneer Gainz – Killdit [prod. Dimebag]

We are reaching a point in our musical journey as human beings where genres no longer hold static and rigid. If something is different, we reward that for exceeding expectations.

Today’s piece of forward-thinking music is a hip hop infused trap tune coming out of Dimebag’s studio with Yuneer Gainz on the vox. The song starts with a twitchy horn and some mellow basses as Yuneer flows effortlessly over the vibrations with his vocals. Yuneer really puts some raw emotion in his upper registers and we are lifted up with an energy of youthful ambition as the drop comes out of nowhere. Feeding into the sudden bass hits and tortured stabs of sound, the drums are fresh and interesting, keeping the beat moving. The synth work is hellish as it works the melody in and out with moaning screams of frequencies. Dimebag did a great job putting down a fresh instrumental allowing Yuneer’s on point vocals lead the track. Subtle instruments enhance the vibes while Yuneer lays everything down on this one.

Stream Killdit from Yuneer Gainz and Dimebag below to catch some of this freshness.

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