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Minimal Effort

4 Sets You Need To Catch At Minimal Effort: Halloween

Minimal Effort is back for it’s 2nd annual Halloween edition of sonic madness set to take over the Los Angeles Center Studios this October 29th. Brace yourself to embrace the House music serenate for all attendees alike from 4PM to 2AM. It’s a Halloween affair so throw your best costume on and find some good dancing shoes because you will be dancing all night long. 

There’s a million different parties going on this weekend but just in case the stacked af lineup drowning in House heavyweights hasn’t convinced you to join the dark side, i’ve hand picked 4 acts to highlight in all of their musical glory that will 10/10 get you on board.

1)Kidnap Kid
Kidnap Kid is notorious for catching the Electronic scene off guard with his morose productions that soared him to the tip of everybody’s tongues. Progression and melody are key and when you can find the perfect vocals to coincide with, it’s like night and day and Matt has perfected this craft ever so eloquently.

2) Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur
TEED is the solo project of Orlando Higginbottom. Here he showcases his twisted aesthetic combining varieties of dance music including electro-pop, 2-step, and Euro-House. It was 3am when I caught his set at EDC Las Vegas and my world was twisted upside down with his unique concoction of techy hi-hats and pulsing kick drums through rogue vocals that created a dark underground ambiance unlike any other. You don’t wanna miss this one.

3) Pete Tong
If you don’t know Pete Tong do you even listen to Electronic music? He doesn’t really need an introduction given he’s a House music legend. In a nutshell, he’s a BBC 1 Radio host, the mastermind behind the Electronic Music convention for industry professionals and hopefuls alike, IMS (International Music Summit), and a total badass producer and DJ all around.

4) Tiga
Legend #2 on this list, Tiga, is a DJ/Producer that has been killing the game with his stark Techno sounds since the 90’s. Born in Montreal, Canada, but influenced by the sounds of the world, Tiga is a landmark producer as he helped pave the way for what we know as Techno today as he launched one of the first Techno-only records stores in his earlier days. From the underground straight to the mainstream and back, Tiga knows no boundaries as he strays from the path and molds his own as he goes.


There you have it folks. These acts are being highlighted for this piece but really you should catch just about everyone on the lineup.  In case you don’t have a ticket yet, make sure to get it HERE before Minimal Effort: Halloween sells out. Mark my word it’s gonna happen!

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