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XLIVE 2016 Announces Key Speakers and Workshops

XLIVE is among the top conventions for those in the live event and entertainment industry to take place in the US. Major players in the industries that bring you events catering to music, film, culinary and beverage, eSports, and the latest technology attend and speak during the conference.

This year’s speakers have been announced as well as the workshops that will be held during the December 5-7 conference in Las Vegas. Check below and see a bit of the eclectic group that will be speaking on gaming, food, music and more:

Jay Sweet – Executive Producer, Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals
Pasquale Rotella – CEO & Founder, Insomniac
John Amato – President, Billboard & Hollywood Reporter
Paul Peck – Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival
JK McKnight – Forecastle Founder & Captain, AC Entertainment
Ryan Kunkel – Co-CEO, Red Frog Events
Andrew Chason – Head CAA Culinary, Creative Artists Agency

XLIVE 2016 also incorporated a few workshops to grow your success. Among them is a Big Data and Analytics Workshop to help better utilize stats for your business and the XLIVE IT Infrastructure Workshop to better coordinate your event production.

Find more info on XLIVE 2016 on the Website or Facebook