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Max Styler, Devault and Luciana – Gold

Strap your seat belts on for this one, it’s going to get W A V Y.

Future Bass is a genre that takes the listener from the very depths of uncertainty to the highest of highs with passion and emotion. Max Styler teamed up with Devault and Luciana to lay down a moving and vibrant work of art that I’m happy to share with you today. “Gold” starts off with a few layers of echoing vocal chops and a creeping bassline to set the mood. Luciana’s heavenly voice swirls around us telling us to let go and beckons us to follow her to the drop. We’re met with a wave of glitchy and computerized bass hits surfing up and down, the chord progression pushes the tones higher and higher into oblivion. The energy breaks and with a pick-me-up drum beat featuring Luciana we begin to rebuild the tension. The excitement returns as the momentum urges the second drop to come, arriving with a quick filter fake out and a blast of electricity. You can stream “Gold” below and experience the ride for yourself.

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