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Lil Texas

One On One With Lil Texas: The Skater Kid Who Overcame Addiction

Falling into a dark hole of addiction through his journey that transcended his once all too real reality into a downward spiral of depression and lost connections, he persevered and overcame it all. “I just really fucking love music” says Lil Texas as we sit on a leather couch in what was a one of a kind dingy dive bar part venue with an old school feel and a huge stage adjacent to us. He rocks his all black band tee with the notorious illegible but deathly metal band font along with black skinny jeans just like an authentic emo/punk kid would. He nears the edge of the couch in anticipation for this interview and his B2B set with the lovely VenessaMichaels to take place later in the night.

Sam aka Lil Texas strives to stand out from the pact with his technical music knowledge and extensive familiarity of Jazz Performance and composition. It’s not everyday you see a double (Jazz) music major turn Trap but Lil Texas is taking full advantage of it and riding this slow but steady wave of momentum.

Hear it from the man himself during our one on one.


“Just wanna shout out the wicked clowns right quick fam. woot woot!” – Lil Texas

Describe the Lil Texas sound in 5 Words or less.
Lil Texas: “Wow. This one is actually hard, haha. if I had to call it I would say harmonically interesting club songs.”



I know you just recently released your collab with VenessaMichaels by the name of “Without You”. How did all of that come to be?
Lil Texas: “We had talked about doing a track together for a while. I really fucked with her sound and I saw her coming up and I just thought she had a cool look. We went back and forth a little bit before we realized how close we lived to each other. (How close?) Within like a mile or two of each other in Hollywood. She came over and we ended up just kinda banging out this track really fast. It went well and really smooth. It just flowed.”



What elements of the track would you say we’re influenced by you?
Lil Texas: “The gospel samples were definitely a big part of what I did but we share the same love for club music so the rhythms and stuff were a combined effort. Venessa really came through with the drop. She had a great idea for that so she kinda stripped it back and added some cool things.”



When you say “club music” are you referring to Jersey Club or club music in general?
Lil Texas: “I’m really referring to music that’s like from 124[bpm] to 140ish. Maybe even higher but definitely not Trap. Jersey Club, Booty House, Miami Bass, all that good shit. G-House even. The break-beat feels.”



You’ve been sober for over a year and a half now – Big ups man! How has that entire journey been for you?
Lil Texas: “Oh man it was a lot of fucking pain and misery to be honest. I just got to a point where it was get sober or die. I lost pretty much everything, dude. I don’t wanna make it sappy or anything but it took a sufficient amount of pain and me driving away a lot of people that I cared about to find in me the willingness to go through the process of getting sober and stuff and after working hard at that I was able to come back and make music again. Once that happened I was able to have fun and be okay with myself and not have all this pressure to be this and that. It’s good shit and it’s definitely better than what it was.



Do you have any advice for people who may find themselves in the shoes you wore in the past?
Lil Texas: “Give it a shot and see what you think because it really changed my life for the better. I hold it dear to my heart and I’m sitting here with you because of the fact that I got sober a while ago. I was gonna not make ever music again but it’s just good shit. I love it.”



Taking it back a little here – What was the driving force behind the M|O|D crew?
Lil Texas: “Honestly dude – we were just a group of 5 dudes that knew each other in college. We were like fuck it! Let’s put out a mixtape and see what happens. We all had beats and stuff and it just caught on, man. We released 3 tapes following that. We had one through four and a series of EP’s but really we were just a bunch of hungry kids who wanted to make a name for ourselves and we thought we had something unique. The industry at that time was really saturated with a bunch of bullshit ya know. There was guys who were doing really cool things but it seemed like a lot of copy cat clones. Which, it still exists but Trap hadn’t even come out yet and were kind of obsessed with Rap. We blended the sounds and everything just caught on. Now I’m here – ha!”



Do you guys plan on making a comeback?
Lil Texas: “I don’t think so man. We’re still best friends ya know but as far as working musically together we’ve kind of gone our different ways. That was sort of the whole thing the whole time. This is a platform to elevate our music careers. Keeping 5 dudes together in a crew is hard man. We had a hard time doing it. We had a lot of different personalities so that was also a factor. We’re brothers.”



You mentioned that you played in bands when you were younger. DO you remember any names of the bands that you played in?
Lil Texas: “Ha! I was in a punk band. My first band ever and we called ourselves “The Corruption” and I was the singer. Like street punk. Cheap Sex and The Virus and shit like that. Then I had a hippie phase and I was in a band called “Funk Dirty”. Shoutout Funk Dirty. We played a bunch of big shows it was a lot of fun.”



I know you double majored in Jazz Performance and Music Business. What motivated you to go after Jazz performance and not anything else?
Lil Texas: “At that time I was really just obsessed with Jazz music. I loved the improvisational aspect of it. It just kinda tickled my ears. It’s my all time favorite. Plus it makes you a beast musician if you’re really good at Jazz and it translates into Rnb and other shit like funk too. Jazz built my musical vocabulary and harmonic and melodic strength up in a very deep way.”



You were a chef at some point – I’m guessing you can cook up a mean dinner?
Lil Texas: “Haha I was! I needed a job, man. Ha! I love cooking and a friend of mine was like “yo I could get you a job” chucking oysters at a 5-star restaurant in Downtown. I never went to cooking school and I’d never been in a kitchen but I’m a quick learner. I worked my way up and I was on the end of the line towards the end of my journey there. I learned so much about the art of food and cooking. At the end of it it was kind of a dark time in my life actually but it’s cool to have that under my belt.”



Before we go is there anything you wanna share with Trapstyle’s readership?
Lil Texas: “Be on the lookout for new music. I’m coming out with a lot of big remixes for a lot of cool people. I’m back at it, man and I’m just doing my thing. I felt a lot of pressure and I feel like a lot of producers feel pressure from within the industry – especially moving to LA too. It’s like I gotta make this and I gotta make that ya know and it’s hard with everything that’s out there. My thing is to just do your thing.”


There you have it folks. Lil texas in a nutshell.


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