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Jantsen x Dirt Monkey x Notixx – MASSIVE

I don’t know what makes most people get up in the morning (maybe a job or school?), but for me, it’s bass music. Today definitely had a great start as I opened my email to a massive tune out on The Dub Rebellion.

So what’s today’s treat? “MASSIVE”, a skanky banger of a tune from the minds of Jantsen, Notixx, and Dirt Monkey. Each of these producers have individually conquered different styles of music and that comes across in “MASSIVE”. The song’s intro reads like an older Doctor P or Flux Pavilion tune with some echoing chants, naughty bells and a feel good playful 8-bit melody. The first drop has a swift feel to it, a super retro styled synth that guides a spacial journey along distance and time. We get a breather so the energy can build back up and as the vocals climb your hair stands up on your arms. The pure skank on the second drop warms my entire body with joy along with the feel good wubs. The changeup between the two halves of the track take you by surprise and remind you how simple dubstep can be yet provide just as much enjoyment. This entire song reaks of a good time and is way too fun to listen to just once. Listen to “Massive” below as well as stay up to date with Jantsen, Dirt Monkey, Notixx, and The Dub Rebellion.

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