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Duelle Releases Massive Remix EP

The two lovely ladies of Duelle have just put out a remix ep for their trap tune “Start Again” that exemplifies their sound with the added tastes and twists of some fellow music makers.

Following the release of their banging track “Start Again”, the duo sent the tune to be repackaged by an eclectic group of five diverse producers. Each of the five remixes feed off the original’s quirky flavor while bringing something fresh to the table. Let’s dive in to the original and a bit of each remix.

Duelle – Start Again

Duelle released “Start Again” and has garnered almost 100k plays in under a month which is easy to conceive giving the girls’ glamorous vocals and heavy beats. The track begins with lyrics working their into your ears and a quiet drum beat. The bassline pushes you forward to an almost troll of a drop with a laughing, quack synth and future breaks. The sneaky textures come at you and the vocals remind you of youth. The second coming of bass brings a minimal yet fulfilling beat which is later shifted to the previous laughter. Duelle put a lot of constraint in their arrangement and it really gives the song that umph all the way through.

Duelle – Start Again (A Boy and A Girl Remix)

Starting the EP off is A Boy and A Girl’s remix. The track starts with a heavy beat coupled with an uplifting melody as the vocals flow in and out. There is a mix of heavily delayed sounds and an 80’s style synth guitar solo that takes me back to the days of anime rock and roll. At the track’s pinnacle we receive a hybrid dubstep beat over the ringing 808 hits. A Boy and A Girl kept the trap beat alive from “Start Again” while throwing that Hybrid Trap flavor on it and working in some cool changeups.

Duelle – Start Again (AB THE THIEF)

AB THE THIEF has the first dubstep remix on the ep. He began the track nice, mellow and happy with a feel good bassline and some reverbed vocal chops that are popular right now. The energy shifts toward the oncoming onslaught of a runaway train as the buildup delivers it’s package in the form of a uber playful melody. The synth used screams it’s way across the song until the break returns where we’re trated to softer vibes. AB THE THIEF’s remix is one of my personal favorites off this EP due in part to it’s contrast of heavy to soft.

Duelle – Start Again (Cherney)

Cherney took “Start Again” in a different direction than some of the other producers. Keeping it light with beautiful pianos yet giving us a brooding bassline to open the track tells us we’re in for a treat. Following the almost melancholy intro of vocals and buildup Cherney drops heaven upon us with a bright future bass lead. Not to be held in one place, we come down from the heavens and back to an almost Arabic trap beat with a new vibe. Cherney really worked the energy around in his remix and utilized the vocals well.

Duelle – Start Again (Disto)

When you listen to Disto’s remix, just have your trap arms ready. Beginning with some vocals and atmosphere so thick you can chew on it, the tides turn immediately as the buildup takes off. We leap into fat bass hits, a saw synth cutting through the frequencies and snappy percussion hits. Through the break we get to revisit the vocals but at the drop we’re given a different synth. The flavors of the middle east are present until Disto closes out the track with drowning vocals.

Duelle – Start Again (FYER)

FYER gets points for having the most varied aspects on their remix. With acoustic guitars and hollowed vocals spinning, the duo take the song all kinds of places. We get electric guitar solos, acoustic melodies, and piano keys dancing along all providing a beautiful, organic feel to the track. The first drop is a dubstep drop but don’t let that fool you. We get a lot more electronic rock and roll elements with EDM sprinkled on top. With a future bass-esque tone the whole time we’re deceived by the hard trap drop with screaming synths and heavy breaks. FYER killed this tune and buried it.

You can stream the entire Start Again Remix EP on MMXVAC’s SoundCloud and download it free HERE

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