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Noisia Spreads Awareness with “Mantra” Video

After you’ve spent enough time in the electronic music scene, you come to expect certain things. Deadmau5 will always have the last word, the underground is where the best vibes are, and Noisia is going to bring something meaningful and new to the table. The latter applies to today’s article if you didn’t know.

Noisia’s newest single “Mantra” was accompanied with a masterful music video to emphasize the struggles that refugees and migrants from Africa and the Middle East face on their trip to Western Europe. The song itself is an orchestral banger of a drum and bass tune. With palpable energy in the sound design and hard hitting basslines, you can feel the raw emotion Noisia put into the track. The video features actual former refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia and Syria as they struggle to escape the destruction of their homelands. The video was shot on site in Italy and the Netherlands under the direction of Dutch filmmaker Sil van der Woerd. Check out the video below as well as stay up to date with Noisia.

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