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Ray Volpe Crushes with Overflow [FREE DOWNLOAD]

One of the biggest leaps made in the bass music world this year came from a Subway-sandwich-loving 19 year old. Ray Volpe is the killer you need to watch out for because this kid has got the sauce.

Being a follower of his music for my own personal taste, I was plenty excited to see the release of his highly talked about track “Overflow”. Volpe has been putting out a steady stream of melodic and beautiful dubstep bangers that have garnered him the attention of some top dog artists in the scene including party boy Getter. Ray has been on a hot streak after just releasing his Bipolar EP just a few months ago as well as remixing big tracks like Getter’s “Rip N Dip”.

“Overflow” is Ray’s newest single to drop, featuring his own vocals which he has voiced his concern on sharing with the world. I was not dissapointed by the voice that came across the intro from the seemingly normal and almost nerdy kid. The song is a complex blend of melodic Dubstep and Future Bass elements as it brings the tone of Heaven and Hell battling it out. The sound design wavers from uplighting synths to growling basses that stretch the fabric of sound and twist your senses. The basslines are a work of fantasy, pushing the track to hit all the right notes in your soul. Take a breath and scope the track out below, out now for free download on Ray Volpe’s SoundCloud.

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