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DC Breaks – Arcade/Creeper VIP

Drum and Bass has been a constant in electronic music for more than 20 years and shows no sign of receding. DC Breaks has been a formidable contributor to the scene with massive releases over the years but today present us with 2 new tracks out on RAM Records.

“Arcade” is the first track on this double release bringing heavy jump-up style beats to the table. The intro breathes atmosphere around and a sensation of floating through the clouds. Heavy synth stabs ring through as the drum rolls build the track up. We’re met with demonic growls driving us to sin and a half time beat that makes your head bob non-stop. In between the no-nonsense bassline and sharp percussion hits are a whirlwind of little wobblies to please your inner bass gremlin. “Arcade” is that tune to get the dancefloor moshing.

The reverse to “Arcade” is the duo’s VIP of their track “Creeper”. “Creeper VIP” begins more ominously, with warhorn synths and spacial bloops setting the tone. With a splash of tribal drum hits and reverbed plucks, the build takes us higher and higher. As the track reaches its climax we are hit with a wall of sound. The drums are sharp and snappy, the bass hit furious. There’s a clean bass wobble that rings oh so nice in between the heavily-crunched synths. “Creeper VIP” is the spacial tour of frequency with a fat drum beat.

Grab “Arcade/Creeper VIP” out now on RAM Records HERE

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