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Bassrush Records Debuts with LUMBERJVCK

Insomniac’s brand of heavy bass fueled events, Bassrush, just broke out in to the record label game with Bassrush Records. The brand known for providing bass music themed events with eclectic lineups from top dog musicians to underground artists brought out rising star LUMBERJCVK for its first release.

The Dendrology EP from Connor Schatzel aka LUMBERJVCK is a presentation of furious sound coming from a seemingly normal guy who just happens to lay down the filth. With previous banging releases on Buygore, Smog Records, Rottun Recordings as well as more, seeing LUMBERJVCK premiere his new ep as Bassrush’s debut release is cause for excitement. Let’s dive in to the 5 track EP and see what LUMBERJVCK chopped down and built.

Starting off with a middle eastern themed track, “Arjuna” takes the reigns. With a sense of calm the track brings an array of tribal percussion and a synth that speaks tales of deserts past. The drop brings a fat beat of 808 kicks with a melody that has your head nodding. The changeup even gives us a varied trap beat that’s a bit more plucky.

Moving along to LUMBERJVCK’s “Monkey Puzzle” we get that more signature sound we’re used to. Right from the intro we know it’s going to get dirty as female screams echo and an overtly heavy beat starts the track. The energy builds quickly, with only a few claps and kicks as the track rises. The destructive bass at the drop is everything I expect from LUMBERJVCK and more. It’s heavy, simple and so fucking crunchy I want to smash my face through my desk. “Monkey Puzzle” is full of little bits here and there to fill in the madness and keep the track from getting repetitive. This one is my favorite off the new EP.

Following the heavy dubstep is a more melodic dubstep banger from LUMBERJVCK and MineSweepa entitled “Dragon Blood”. With an atmospheric intro we are thrown to the stars to take in the sights. A big melodic synth pattern erupts over fat reese bass stabs. With another short build we climb to the top of the track and a vocal screams “Back with that new shit”. The bass comes in sharp stabs with growling synths flying back and forth. Using computerized, 8-bit textures and cool percussive hits in between gives the track that much more character.

“Chapel Oak” is the next tune featured on the Dendrology EP which is a drum and bass collab with Evol Intent and Twin Moons. It’s awesome to see Connor stretch his style into other areas and with artists who’ve been such a huge staple in the drum and bass scene. The tune starts off with a grip of choking atmospheric sounds and heavenly choirs. A simple beat pushes along and after a quick, no-bullshit buildup a wall of sound and bass throat punches you. A furious storm of percussive hits and fast drums smash the ground as neuro-style bass hits surround you. It feels as if gremlins are inside your skull, clawing their way out.

LUMBERJVCK finishes off the Dendrology EP with “Rosewood”. The finale track begins with an almost Legend of Zelda feel. With pan flutes, nature calls, and a similar vibe to LUMBERJVCK’s “Old Gregg” in the intro we feel like we are in the swamps or mountains of some fog filled valley. The melody drops and we have a beautiful bass tune that makes everything in life quiet down. The trap drop varies from the first, giving us a nice changeup while keeping the sounds fresh.

The Dendrology EP from LUMBERJVCK is one of my favorite releases this year. Connor’s ability to write music between the realms of beauty and darkness is almost unparalled as the young star keeps rising. Bassrush Records made one of the best possible moves by picking up LUMBERJVCK as their initial release with his surge up the bass rankings. You can pick up the Dendrology EP for free HERE

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