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Blaine Stranger Brings The Noise

Drum and Bass is forever going to be a rock that bass music clings to. People come and go in the scene of course but new heads will constantly show up and redefine what a genre can be. BLaine Stranger hopes to be the latter.

With releases on Comanche Records as well as getting a track on Viper Recordings’ Summer Slammers 2016, Sam Braithwaite-Lloyd aka Blaine Stranger is planning a takeover with his newest release on Viper VIP. Coming in hot with a two-track single, Blain sets a high standard for incoming DnB producers.

“Rock With It” featuring Coppa is a call to arms for junglist around the world. With a sense of impending battle, the tune starts with war horns, bits of atmosphere and heavy grime vocals from Coppa. The track stabs at us with uplifting synthwork until we are met with that kick and snare combo we love while a chugging, warped bassline takes us on a ride. “Rock With It” is a perfect track to rinse out in any bass heavy set and will definitely be heard through the festival circuit.

The backside to “Rock With It” is Blaine’s “I See The End”. This is the heavenly sister to darker “Rock With It”, providing a more uplifting tone. With a sense of bliss the track takes you up to the sky to peer through clouds of changing frequencies. Vocals chant in the background “I see the end, I’ll see you again” bringing the promise of an euphoric bassline. The tune flows through your soul down the river of love while the percussion snaps your attention forward.

Blaine Stranger is going to be a name you keep hearing so check out the tracks on Viper VIP HERE

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