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Mantis Unleashes Destruction with The Hundred Deep EP

Mantis has been a name that is synonymous with the heavy bass movement since their beginning. The duo has pushed their brand of dirty-south-bass-metal in to the ears of fans across the world and their newest EP is set to wreak havoc off of Downlink’s Uplink Audio label.

With huge releases in the past on labels such as Play Me and Heavy Artillery, we expect nothing short of a barrage of sound on this EP. Needless to say after listening to it I was NOT dissapointed in the Atlanta based duo. Having been listening to Mantis since their initial launch in 2011, seeing Taylor Scott and Paul Ollinger bring their style of death metal bass to a broader audience is high key awesome.

So with that in mind, The Hundred Deep EP is the 4 track, genre-spanning, bass-in-your-face release that Mantis has just let loose. Each track takes a separate journey through the depths of sub-layered screams to the galactic enterprise of bass.

Taking the reigns off the EP is “Mobbin'” featuring Crichy Crich on the microphone. With a haunting intro and Crichy flowing over a Hip-Hop/Trap beat, the song lets you know that dinner is ready and about to get served. Crichy Crich takes us up with some bloops and a fat kick build to bring in the dubstep. The drop brings that familiar Mantis style bass growl with a metal guitar-styled melody. This one really says “hey, we still make this type of dubstep” and brings that Mantis sound.

Next up is “Anubis” and as the name suggests is has a middle-eastern/egyption feel to it. With a set of tribal percussive hits and a flute-like synth that spins tales of a culture passed the tune slithers its way forward. A jaunty beat picks up as the echoes of a language I don’t understand fly around. A hyped up synth in the background begins to rise and we go into what I must describe as a modern day tribal ritual beat that keeps pushing the limit. This track will go great in any far out bass musician’s catalog.

Following that is “You Know What We About” which is another dubstep song but with different vibes than “Mobbin'”. This song starts with a real Bassnectar feel with some far out plucks amd sounds while heavy vocals start to crush forward chanting “you know what I’m about”. The drums pick up quickly and delivers upon us the unholy bass. This is my favorite tune off the The Hundred Deep EP because the energy is so relentless. Sound design is spot on as bass patches rise and fall and pitch and move and bend. Mantis really delivered on this song as far as I’m concerned with both originality and composition.

Finishing up the EP is “B.A.T.M.A.N. VIP” which as you can assume is a variation from the original production BATman. While both versions are Bass House tracks, this VIP is in in my opinion much cleaner as a whole track. The intro is from what I can hear the same as the original but when we get to the climax vocals, the sound byte has been edited and from there everything is completely different. There’s a dubstep breakdown that tears your face off and hotter than hell percussion that snaps around. Mantis did a great job of putting their flavor into each track with their obvious style of sound design and attention to overall flow of a track. 10/10 would rinse The Hundred Deep EP out.

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