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Reimagine Dubstep With Oliverse [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Few producers in my opinion can consistently put out good work while remaining true to their style while providing something fresh. Oliverse has that suace though.

His newest release “Imagination” is a battle between good and evil, happy and angry, dark and light. Up for free download on his soundcloud, Ryan Oliphant wanted to give out one last Oliverse track before the end of 2016. We’re thankful that he did because the track actually has two versions, the free one containing the “Need U” vocals that echo through the tune whereas the digital store versions are without.

The track itself is beautiful and a banger simultaneously. Our journey through time and sound begins with an arpeggiated flute sound that leads up to a blasting future bass style beat. “Imagination” features vocal chops from “Need U” by Duke Dumont that sing over the song alongside some chippy synths. After a quick little pick-me-up kick build, Oliverse slams the track into high gear with screeching bass patches and a heathen-ish kick/snare combo. The synths blaze the melody forward, pushing harder and harder until breaking free into heaven’s gates. The vocals lift us up as euphoric arps and stabs swirl around us, tickling the inner child inside all of us. The feeling is fleeting as the drop returns with an array of fiendish bass hits and crunchy beats. Leaving us in bliss the track ends its back and forth energy battle from heavy to soft. Oliverse simply smashed this tune.

Grab the track for free HERE as well as stream it on Apple Music or Spotify

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