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Slayin’ The Airwaves with MAKJ on Night Owl Radio

What better way to showcase your love of music than have your own radio station? Pasquale Rotella has pushed his brand of musical entertainment on to the radio waves where he hosts a monthly talk show featuring guest mixes from a variety of artists.

This month’s show had Pasquale bring out a boss from the Bristol club scene, Redlight, to talk music and the future of his US debut. With new tracks coming to America from across the Atlantic and plans to invade our club scene, Redlight also drops a guest mix of pure fire.

Later in the show, MAKJ comes in to host the Up All Night mix. While he spins some of his favorite tracks from 2016 MAKJ will also be sharing tid-bits of himself. With massive releases that have broken Beatport charts multiple times, MAKJ delivers a solid collection of his take on electronic music.

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