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Start The Year In Style With VIP Access To Countdown

Where would the party scene be without Pasquale Rotella? In a dingy warehouse in LA that’s more filled with criminals than music lovers? Luckily Insomniac Events has developed music festivals to an insane level of entertainment while providing exclusive amenities.

Countdown is one of Insomniac’s mind-bending parties that happen to ring in the new year. This year’s 2-day edition at the NOS Events Center will host an all-out VIP bar and seating area to tickle your fancy and give you the best spot in the house. Both the Resolution Stage and the Infinity Stage will host dedicated areas for those who choose VIP.

The Resolution Stage will have a special viewing deck as well as a dedicated, full bar and plenty of space to dance. The VIP area will host a fully stocked do-it-yourself hot chocolate bar, celebratory (and free) champagne toast and an array of fun noise makers and accessories to dazzle throughout the night. For some more intimate memories visit the VIP Gala tent where you can walk through Insomniac’s past or play some life sized interactive games with your friends. Oh and let’s not forget that the entire Resolution Stage VIP area will be enclosed and filled with heaters so you can stay warm and boogie all night!

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