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Demur and Duelle Team Up and Trap Out [FREE DOWNLOAD]

When artists collaborate, it’s the beginning of something new, something different. With up-and-coming female trap queen duo Duelle and anti-conformist Demur, you’re about to get some fire in those ears.

The song brought out by Duelle and Demur entitled “Streets On Fire” is a hellish ride through bass and frequency. The intro speaks underground as echoed vocals from Duelle come in over a crunchy beat. The 808s are savage as they fill up the void of sound. With a quick build of distorted noise and haunting sounds, the bass drops with fiendish synths screaming around us. It feels as if you’re running through a post-apocalyptic city that’s ran by miscreants as growls come out of nowhere threatening your life. Duelle’s vocals hypnotize from the shadows in between sharp drum hits and snappy percussive hits. Demur’s sense of tortured sound breathes life into the track. Both sides behind this collab gave an awesome collision of their styles and this tune is definitely going in my Heavy-Trap folder.

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