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DJ Bios Announces Official Web Launch Party

DJBios.com is here to make your content creation life easier and they’re hosting a party to celebrate the launch of it all this Saturday, December 17th at Lincoln St. Station in Denver, Colorado.

What may seem like random word spew to some is truly the heart and soul of a total stranger to others. I’m talking about DJ Bios. It’s important that your marketing materials, and yes, whether you like it or not a bio is marketing material, stands as an authentic representation of you that showcases your abilities, successes, aspirations, and track record without the fluff. A rookie or self-proclaimed writer could easily put together a paragraph that seems like a decent bio but when it’s time to hit up labels, booking agents, etc. they will read right through it and your stuff will go straight to the trash. That’s where Mr. John Cameron comes in with DJBios.com.

He’s known for his investigative journalism that touches on real life matters that are affecting the electronic dance music scene today and strays from the bullshit entirely. See this article here where he got a ghost production company to agree to plagiarize a track. Also, ever since the unfortunate warehouse accident that left 40 people dead in Oakland which prompted a warehouse crackdown,  he has taken it upon himself to protect sacred art spaces and warehouses across the country with a bold statement that not only provides insight but educates people on how they can do the same. Check out his post here.

It’s gonna be one hell of a party touching on multiple points of the electronic music spectrum so if you’re nearby don’t miss out cause you’ll probably regret it. Brace yourself.


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