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Instrumental Dance Music Innovator ‘PLANTRAE’ Releases New Single ‘Invisible Forest’

Track Listing
1. Invisible Forest


Written, produced and mixed by Zak Alston
Viola, piano, guitar, + by Zak Alston
Mastering by Bob Macc at 
Subvert Central

Free download available on Bandcamp

Plantrae’s new single ‘Invisible Forest’  is about remembering to see whats right in front of us~


‘Invisible Forest’ opens serenely with gritty, melancholic keys, but quickly builds into Plantrae’s signature blend of moving beats, vivid melodies, and haunting viola. The track brings instrumental, analogue warmth together with a hint of darkness, deepening the finely curated blend of acoustic and electronic influences the producer has become known for.

Solo producer and violist Plantrae new single ‘Invisible Forest’  live as of 20th Dec 2016. With a full length album set to be coming in early 2017 this single is just a preliminary listen that sets the stage for the next wave of Plantrae’s propensity toward unique and natural ambient psyche-dell sounds. ‘Seeing In The Dark’ will be self-released and available via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

“This piece is a soundtrack to civilization’s current struggle to grapple with it’s consequences for the world. In a context of escalating disconnection, there is a frenetic search for a symbolic earthness, a representation of original nature. In a search for something so far gone, it is easy to find oneself overlooking what is all around us, the Invisible Forest”

This will be Plantrae’s first official release, since the 2013 EP ‘Taproot’ brought overnight interest. Always bringing to the stage a unique live performance, Plantrae swiftly gained support throughout the North American festival scene, and has performed at events such as Lighting In Bottle, Shambhala, Symbiosis, and has shared stages with Beats Antique, Emancipator, and the ever popular Odesza, and many more. Plantrae did a nationwide tour in 2015 opening for Ott, an acclaimed UK producer.

“Roaming the forests and detritus of modernity, crafting earthy beats music clearly evocative of its NW origin… Energetic and serenely beautiful, Plantrae’s sound threads a distinctive path between acoustic instrumentation, and exhilarating electronic production… Crisp beats and graceful melodies are effortlessly woven together, with live viola bringing an undercurrent of indelible warmth to an already lush palette.”

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