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Ryden – Unbroken [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Ryden has been breaking grounds in the music world as a rising female artist in the trap scene. Her newest release “Unbroken” is a vocal trek through the darkness.

This free download of a journey through sound is the first time Ryden has written the lyrics and sang them on her own beat. She also spits some mesmerizing verses showing an extensive amount of talent throughout the track. The beat is a minimalistic one featuring thumpy kicks and some shifty, tweaked hats. The sound design on the drop is also a nice switchup in the usual noises you hear as it’s more of a tortured siren following bits of growls and vocal chops coming in and out. This multi-layered collage of 808s, curvacious vocals and far out sounds is a free download available on Ryden’s SoundCloud.

Ryden also put out a behind-the-scenes trailer of “Unbroken” below.

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