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Why You Should Start Working Now Instead of Waiting for 2017

Whenever I open my Facebook feed and start scrolling down during the holiday season, all I see are photos with Grandma and even more cringy: those posts from wantrepreneurs about them blowing up come 2017. This is one of the worst things you want to do for your brand or business, particularly in the music industry. I find that those who post these are looking for people to start noticing them by telling them they will be (i.e. “Stay woke fam 2017 about to be poppin’ #cringesquad)

Show don’t tell. Instead of posting on your social medias about how 2017 is going to be the biggest year for you, just start working towards the goals that will get you to where the post says you will be.

Make a personal list or vision board (Oprah loves them, so should you) stating EXACTLY what you plan on accomplishing, and give the Universe a time limit so you can be guided to winning. For example, say you want to sign a song to Trap Nation’s label Lowly Palace and you write just that on your idea board. You, nor the Universe will know when that is going to happen for you, so be specific.

‘I’m going to sign a song to Lowly Palace in the March to April timezone, and here’s how I’m going to achieve that: ”


Visualizing your goals is a great way to start working towards them, instead of wasting your time posting about a general accomplishment on Facebook.