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Snafu & Astriptus – Down ft. Messinian [PRIME]

Trapstyle Prime is back up and running with a FREE track every day on the Trapstyle Prime SoundCloud page (scope that goodness fam). With the intent to share new music from producers who may not have “the plug”, we bring a brand-spanking-new tune from whatever genre we want every 24 hours. Snafu and Astriptus got the ins for the first release of 2017 with their new tune “Down” featuring Messinian.

Snafu is a familiar name to me as well as Messinian considering all his work with Excision but I had to dig to find 16-year-old-from-India Astriptus who makes an assortment of genres. This collab from LA to India is a hybrid trap smasher with Messinian’s gritty vocals sprinkled on top. The track has a very ominous feel throughout it, with orchestral moans and stabs. The melody on the drop is a flying assortment of screams and growls with a thumping sub. As Messinian raps along through the breakdown, the energy rebuilds and lo and behold the second drop throws down a Jersey Club beat to shake dat ass to. Snafu and Astriptus really nailed this one and gave Messinian a solid platform to speak from.

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