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High Zombie – Sanctuary [PRIME]

We got tired of waiting forever for track releases so with TrapStyle Prime we release a track a day for free. High Zombie got our next one with “Sanctuary”.

High Zombie is known to make a variety of tunes but we’re focusing on his heavy trap release “Sanctuary”. The track starts foreboding but with a mellow vibe as some tamberines shake over ghostly wails. The melody comes in on the beat and we get a snappy mix of percussion with reverbed bell hits. As you vibe with the song the hats twist and turn around the beat, your head bobs back and forth. High Zombie put out a track that in my opinion is great to listen to while getting high or fighting zombies. The song moves with just enough ghostliness to keep it dark yet providing just enough cheer for the track to refrain from hitting dismal. High Zombie made a work of art with “Sanctuary” and we’re stoked to have it out for free download on TrapStyle Prime.

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