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Mikes Revenge – El Jefe [PRIME]

Music can sometimes hit stale points but with this new Mikes Revenge track out now on TrapStyle Prime we got a banger that’s unique to keep it fresh.

“EL Jefe” is the trippy ride through bass and space that we are lucky enough to share with you from Mikes Revenge. The Atlanta producer has quietly released a storm of solid tracks and “El Jefe” is no different. The tune jumps right in with a latin-feeling, 4-on-the-floor beat and utilizes an array of snappy percussive hits. We meet with an exuberant bellow of horns and other pieces of brasswork into an intense warping buildup that delivers shrieks of “Arriba!” The bass drops and the beat is simplestic but tight, everything in place perfectly. Growls, stabs, and wobs play around as 808s thump underneath. Mikes Revenge gave us an awesome trap tune to share with you guys that forsure needs more attention. Grab this one for free off our TrapStyle Prime SoundCloud

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